Tuesday, February 10, 2009

susan and scott

Scott and Susan were recently hitch at a gorgeous ceremony in Hawaii.
I LOVED working with Susan, and when I saw the beautiful photos
of her wedding, my jaw dropped.
I wish Susan and Scott a wonderful, happy marriage filled with much love,
support, and adventure!
You're a beautiful couple and your wedding was a perfect reflection of that.

Scott, best of luck if you get deployed! I'm a huge supporter of our military...
thank you for serving our country! We're lucky to have brave men like you
in the service.

Susan, you looked so beautiful and I'm going to miss chatting with you!!! Good
luck finishing up school and best of luck, I'll be thinking of you and always wishing you
the very best in life.

The gorgeous photos were taken by:

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F: 760-859-3559

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Heather said...

I love your post about this wedding, it is very true and heartfelt. I had such a great time photographing it, Susan and Scott are a great couple!